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Rings Found Near Champlain Islands, Vermont

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

Got a call 2 days ago after I got home from work. It was a gentleman who said his wife had lost her engagement ring and her wedding band while swimming and relaxing with their 2 young kids at a State park about an hour from my house. He was born and grew up in Vermont, then joined the military. They got married, started a family and found work down on the East coast. They were in VT for the week visiting family and they all had gone to the park, being a great place to be with the air temperatures in the scorching 90’s.
The rings were beautiful platinum and diamond rings that he had custom made for her. He was so glad to reach me and said he needed help urgently. Being lost in a public area, I knew we needed to search immediately. I offered to come right away and he said they would all stay to show me the areas she had been.
I got there at 7:00, met everyone and found out where the search was to be. At some point she had taken her rings off and put them in her hat for safekeeping. Later, she put her hat on, not thinking about the rings, and took the kids for a swim in the lake. Sometime after that she realized her rings were missing. They did have insurance, but these were too sentimental to have replaced. She was feeling terrible for losing them.
I got started with my detector and he searched visually. His mom, very kindly went to get me some supper. The 2 of us searched until midnight that night with no luck, and I got home around 1:30. It had been a beautiful evening, but the bugs had been brutal. About two-thirds of the search was in the water, which is much slower due to the water’s resistance. I said I would try to come the next evening, July 3rd, as well. There was even more urgency because we knew there would be a huge crowd there on the 4th.
The next evening I got there about 7:00. I asked him if he would like to use one of my other detectors and sand scoops to improve our chances of finding them that night. Around an hour later he got a good signal which turned out to be a man’s wedding band, which he gave to the Park Ranger. Around 9:30 he found his wife’s wedding band. Two happy guys, because we then knew that she had lost them in the water and that no one else had already pocketed them! We searched another hour and then reluctantly headed for shore, needing sleep. I told him I would leave that detector with him so he could search the next day(I couldn’t be there on the 4th). As we were leaving, something told me to try one more pass before leaving. I decided to try going into deeper water, got a signal, which was junk, then got another loud signal. There it was in my scoop, a beautiful engagement ring! I shouted out and brought him the ring. He confirmed it was hers and phoned her. She screamed and thanked us.
A great team effort and he is now my official ring finding partner!
I love endings like this, definitely worth the hard work and loss of sleep!

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