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Fast find on lost Oregon ring

  • from Oregon City (Oregon, United States)

So, late on Sunday evening I received a message from Kirill saying he was “quite desperately looking for a ring finder.” They had hosted a wedding event at their home the day before, and somehow during the event, his wife’s wedding ring went missing. The festivities occurred mainly on the outdoor deck, so he requested I come out and search below the the deck and in the grassy areas around it. He also suggested it could have ended up in the trash bags from the event, so maybe searching the trash bags was a possibility.

I was able to meet them the next afternoon. Preparing for an excursion under a deck, I loaded my detectors, gloves and knee pads, flashlights, and an endoscope camera.

When I arrived, the rental company was there loading up the tables and chairs from the event. I met up with Kirill, and he walked me up to the deck where they had the post wedding festivities. He pointed out where the tables and dance floor had been. He said he had reviewed the photos from the event, and the last time the ring was seen was in the area we were standing.

I asked him to describe the ring again, and he said it was white gold with a blue sapphire stone. I pointed down at the deck between us and said, “Like that?”
There, shining in the sunlight was a gleaming blue stone. The ring was caught in the gap between two of the deck boards.
Kiriill’s wife joined us and the ring was happily reunited with her finger.
He was certain he had checked the area of the deck. Perhaps it had been stuck on one of the tables or chairs the rental company had been removing that afternoon, or maybe a set of fresh eyes spotted it… regardless, a beautiful ring back where it belongs.

Probably my quickest recovery yet, and thanks to you both for the generous reward!