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Wedding Ring Found in Portland Oregon by Del Witters

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

I received a call from Jennifer asking if I could help find her wedding ring that she lost while gardening. We chatted a bit, made arrangements, and the next morning I drove 2 hours to her home. She showed me the likely areas in her garden and several pots that might be hiding her ring. Jennifer and her husband Dave explained that they bought an inexpensive metal detector but had no luck with it. I showed them my gear, gave them a short demo using Dave’s ring which was nearly identical and started searching. I handed them some coins I found in a couple areas and then got a good tone with some mineral feedback; I told her this looked promising. A light dig and use of my pro-pointer unearthed the beautiful wedding ring with several diamonds and large amethyst. Jennifer and Dave couldn’t believe it and were excited and thankful that she had her ring that she had worn since their special day in 1995. Jennifer and Dave were great folks and will be a  memorable “Ring Finders” first call out.

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