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Wedding Band Found in the Green Mountains, Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)


I was contacted earlier in the week by a lady who lost her wedding band. She had been outside her house exercising her dogs, doing laundry, dishes, and getting her 4 kids ready and loading them into the car to take them to Cub Scouts. Earlier that day she had put her rings into a pocket, and this particular pair of pants had extremely shallow pockets. When she was about to leave, she reached into her pocket to put her rings back on, the wedding band was missing.

She wasn’t sure where the ring could’ve fallen out, but she knew it was either in the house or on the lawn. Her children and friends helped search visually with no luck. She borrowed a metal detector from a helpful neighbor, and had no luck with that either. So, she contacted me for help.

We agreed on today for a search, the weather was cool, but dry. I got there early because I thought it could easily be one of those full day or even a multiple day search. She showed me the large back yard and hill, the most likely area it would’ve been lost, and I got started. In a little while her oldest son came out to watch and help search. He showed me the areas that he remembered seeing his mother go. I had brought 4 detectors with me, because I thought her kids would like to run them. After some instructions, he got started with one of them.

He gave me good direction, because shortly after I got a good signal and found her ring deep in the grass! His Mom was very happy!

After that, he and I detected for awhile, hunting for coins, relics or golden treasure. I sure was hoping he would find something, but after all, it is a hobby that requires extreme patience…

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