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Encinitas Ring Finder Metal detecting Treasure hunter found many lost golds & returned from the beach in North county

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)



A member of The Ring Finders Metal Detecting service in San Diego helped find a lost wedding band in San Diego. Call or text now for urgently careful searches. 760 889 2751 Curtis Cox  “The ring finder in SoCal.”

Approximately 1907 (Mlitary time) September 8th 2021 During this never ending pandemic..

  I had received a pandemonium call about a lost ring at Moonlight beach Encinitas. Shortly after arriving to this scene of a long lost sentimental ring for a gentleman,,,I located it buried in the beach sand after merely an hour of scanning..I then drove many miles away the early morning too hand it back to him with no obligations. Ring in hand,, Got Venmo??? 🥛 🥛 

No matter any reward or sponsorshipping,,.I enjoy this Hobbie no matter what because it beats any real job on the planet!!!


WHO YA GONNA CALL?  760 889 2751

Curtis Cox. Member of The Ring Finders in San Diego, Ca