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Lost .7 Carat Diamond Earring in Park City, Utah- Found

I was in Texas all last week visiting family when I received a text message concerning a lost .7 carat diamond stud earring in Park City. Kirsten had went out to do some yard work and was cutting some low hanging branches when one of those branches struck her on the side of the head. She didn’t think much of it at the time but when she returned to the house, she found the backing to one of her diamond stud earrings in her clothes. She quickly realized that she had lost her earring and that’s when she reached out to me to come help. She had been piling up all the branches in one spot so when I got to the location, I first started to detect around where the branch hit her and then proceeded to follow the path to the pile of branches. Diamond stud earrings are very hard to find with a detector cause there’s just not a lot of metal to work with. I made some adjustments on the detector and as I made my way to the pile of branches, was very focused on small faint signals in the the tall grass. The grass was up over my knees so it was a truly a needle in the haystack type of scenario. I moved the pile of branches thinking that if the earring came out, there would be a good chance it fell to the ground when she was bending over to pile the branches up. Sure enough, my theory was correct and only after about a 30 minute search, I found the earring! Thanks Kirsten for reaching out and very happy I was able to help!