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Metal detector expert in San Diego found 2 lost diamond rings

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


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Recently I received another call to help find 2 diamond rings that went missing after the ring box was thrown up a hillside nights beforehand.

After speaking with Carlos we set up a time to meet at the Apartment complex he was during the loss. As soon as we met, There was a downside seeing those loud landscaping crews cleaning the exact bushy hillside where the ring box was tossed!  I try not to get discouraged hoping that it wasn’t found in plain site already so I turned on my Metal detector, Then began ruling out each section of this roughly 20X30’ slope to determine the rings were not on there.

So back to a few more questions such as where the ring box was found, When he points just over the fence on top of the hill in an abandoned field. So I quickly hopped over then scanned back & fourth until I was confident they did not fall near the ring box. I wasn’t sure how good of an arm he had but needed to know if the rings could of fallen out of the box ending up further…

So on I we went to the very back lot and worked towards the box this time. Shortly after we were running out of possibilities,,,I began saying something to Carlos while swinging my detector machine and heard a quick beep..As I glance down in the Gravel,,I see the big diamond ring and nearly stepped on it!   I pointed right at it carrying on the conversation to surprise him and that sure did!  He was stoked in in relief,,There it is I said;!  Shortly after the first celebration,,Just 6-8’ feet around a big pile of dirt,,Another celebration,,We both simultaneously saw it relaxing in the sun.!

There is never a Monday or bad day in the metal detecting Hobby,,,Because It’s not like a job!