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Lost Wedding Ring, Found In Huge Snowpile In Killington VT

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

Hi Folks,

Last night I received an email from someone who lost his platinum wedding band. He and his wife and several friends were up from New Jersey to enjoy a snowy wonderland at Killington, Vt. They had rented a chalet near the ski area for their vacation, but were returning home the very next day… explaining why the word “emergency!” was in his message. Earlier that day they were having some fun on top of a huge snowpile when he realized he had lost his ring. They tried hard to find it and had no luck. He was looking into renting a metal detector when he saw my listing on TheRingFinders website. So, I called him late that evening and said I could be there at 8:00 the next day.

This morning I met them there. They were extremely nice young people, and volunteered to help look. I brought 2 detectors and some shovels, they searched around the edges of the pile with one detector and I searched on top with the other. I figured if we couldn’t find it this way, that we would have to start shoveling and checking each layer with the detectors. Within only about 15 minutes my detector went off. There it was! The beautiful ring had been stepped on and pushed deep into the snow. We all were very happy to see it! Wish all hunts were this easy!!

I was prepared to search all day, but luck was on our side this time. If we hadn’t found it today, things would have gotten much more complicated if we had to wait until Spring. They would have been back home in NJ, and I would have had to get permission from the landlord, go back to Killington and pray that it was still there so I could recover it and mail it down to them.


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