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Oceanside metal detector found lost gold diamond ring at the beach in San Diego

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


The Ring Finders Metal Detector service helped find a lost Gold wedding band at Oceanside beach San Diego Ca. Call 760 889 2751

This wedding ring story started off over 20 years ago when Vlad & his wife got married. But it nearly ended when he was boogie boarding out in the surf and noticed his wedding ring slipped off. This so happened to be their 23rd anniversary day they were celebrating while vacationing here in Oceanside for a short time.

2 Mornings later, Vlad called me after finding my info online asking if I could help. After a few Q’s & concerns I was able to meet him there right away. He showed me the area in the surf but unfortunately there were 2 detectorist’s already there that he told about and the tide was coming up fast compromising the search zone as well. After an hour swinging in & out of the surf with no luck, I knew the best time to find his ring would be the -1.4 low tide at 4:00am the next morning.  So I assured Vlad & his wife that I would come back to continue the search for them as they had to head back home in a few hours.

Upon arrival to the scene of the lost ring before any other metal detecting guys showed up,, I was glad to see how far out the tide was already. The boogie boarding/swimming zone area days before was bone dry now. I knew if it was there, I would find it.

Over an hour later and 3 junk rings that never excites me, I received a signal on my metal detector that finally did…A holy one,,An unmistakable tone or beep.. Then out of the 6-10” deep hole came glistening a hefty 18k gold diamond ring.  Sure enough it was Vlad’s precious gold wedding ring found that morning 3 days later. I even mailed it back to him the same afternoon. You can only imagine how relieved they were and that I could help them find what they thought could be lost forever. The story of his ring can now live on.

            “Who ya gonna call”.  760 889 2751 Curtis Cox Member of the Ringfinders in San Diego,Ca