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Lost Wedding Ring In The Surf At Paradise Cove Malibu Found And Returned

  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)

I got a call late Sunday afternoon from Lisa who had Just lost her wedding ring at the beach in Malibu. I had just come back over forty miles from another beach and was very tired. , Once I found out that the couple were on there honeymoon  I made it no problem to help the newlyweds .  I made plans with Lisa and her husband Mike To meet them on the beach early the next morning to catch The next low tide. When I arrived at the beach just before 5am the surf was calm and it was easy to search at the bottom of the slope in the water. Just after 6am the couple arrived and showed me the area that she lost the ring.  They looked around at the waters edge But I thought the ring would be higher up on the slope being that the ring was heavy gold and the surf  wasn’t very strong.  I did a grid pattern working my way down the slope and after about Fifteen minutes got a deep but solid signal .So I dug down two scoops deep and there was Lisa’s Ring glisening in the morning sun.  Lisa and Mike were very emotional and happy to have thier ring back.  I have to say that out of the many people i’v been fortunate enough to meet and help. They were one of the nicest couples i’v ever met.