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Lost Ring Westfield NJ… Found

  • from Millburn (New Jersey, United States)

I had covered 99.99% of the ground on this hunt and turned up nothing.  But, on the probably 3rd to last swing I got a strong signal and sure enough, within a thick layer of grass was a men’s Platinum wedding bad!  It started the previous Saturday night when I received a text message from Roger about his missing wedding band.  He had lost the band cleaning up his yard and had an idea of where he thought he lost it.  We agreed to meet the next morning and hunt for the ring.  He thought it was more than likely in the backyard, but could also be on the path to the front of the house.  I searched the backyard with no luck.  I had made it down 99.99% of the path and still no luck, but in the very last patch of grass before the driveway there it was!  It just proves that you should never give up because the missing item can be found on your very last patch of grass to hunt.  I was so happy I could help Roger out.  He was a really great guy and very easy to work with! 🙂