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Seascape Beach ring found

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

Got a call from a person who lost their gold ring on Seascape Beach, near Aptos and Watsonville area.   She had her ring for safe-keeping in a bag with other belongings.  At a certain point, the bag tipped over .  She steadied the bag, put the thermos back inside, and was unaware that her ring must have slipped out at that time.  It was not till she got home that she realized her ring wasn’t in the bag.   She figured it must have slipped out when the bag had tipped earlier.   She went back to the spot, as best she could remember that exact spot.  But the dry loose sand had swallowed the ring.  It was not visible , and no amount of feeling around produced results.   She called me, and we were  able to help reunite a family heirloom ring to the owner.   Glad to help.     An added note :  This beach has extremely black mineralized sand, and the ring was very dainty, so I had actually missed it on the first pass through the suspect zone.   Going back through the 2nd time, I gave double scrutiny for whispers trying to come in over the static produced by the black sand conditions.  This time, got the signal I had missed on the first pass through.