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Metal Detector finds lost ring in Torrey Pines beach San Diego

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


TheRingFinders beach Metal detecting service helped find a lost ring at Torrey Pines state beach. 760 889 2751 OPEN NOW.

I recently received an email from Nathan who accidentally lost his ring while in waist deep water at Torrey Pines beach. After a couple emails and a phone call we set up an appointment to meet at the beach where it was lost 5 days prior.

  Nathan and his father brought beach chairs to enjoy the morning and help point me in the  direction out in the surf.. which was very helpful to this recovery. Beforehand,I explained that I often will find a lost ring pretty quickly but some searches can require hours or days before being recovered.

Low and behold…After swinging patiently for nearly 3hrs in strong current,choppy shore break and Stepping on 1 stingray,I finally get a strong signal in roughly shin deep water,Took a few scoops down and out came Nathan’s ring!