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Encinitas Metal Detector Finds the Lost Gold Ring Below an eroding retreating cliff

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

TheRingFinders Metal Detector Service helped find a lost gold ring buried at Moonlight beach Encinitas OPEN NOW CALL 760 889 2751

I received a call about a Gold wedding band lost in the surf from a fellow Local Ring Finder member who searched days for it to no avail.Along with this call there were many other Ring rescues we were conducting through out the San Diego county…

..Fast forward 6 days later when I decided to take a gamble in hopes to find this one long lost ring that hasn’t been recovered yet.So I arranged for a long awaited King tide day when conditions could change and showed up at that particular midnight howling at the full moon with my metal detector.

Approximately One hour later digging up multiple metallic signals and filling all my holes I get another penny signal then out comes the White Gold ring that was lost a week earlier! ((BOOM)) 💥 Gold Ring found 1 week later in the Ocean.

“It’s all about karma…and timing.”
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