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Lost Titanium Wedding Ring in St. George, Utah- Found

After a windy weekend in St. George, Utah, I received two calls regarding lost rings. I made plans to make the 300 mile road trip down to St. George, Utah the following weekend to help look for them. While I was getting ready to leave, I saw a post about a 3rd lost ring at a local lake in the area. Since I was already headed down, I figured I would proactively reach out and see if I could help. Sad part about all three missing rings is that the people did things right. Each person had taken their rings off to get into the lake and while in the water, the winds came up and blew either their tent or bag where they had placed their rings. This was the case with this one as he had put his titanium ring in the tent and went to go play with his kid. The wind picked up the tent and in the process the ring fell out into the sand.

After getting permission from the local authorities, I matched up his picture with the landscape and started to grid off the area. I covered the entire area but didn’t find the ring. I started to think that maybe it didn’t fall out with the wind but that it fell out after they were leaving the lake. I started to grid off the beach area from the parking lot to where they had put down the tent. Sure enough, the lost titanium ring was about 50 feet back towards the parking lot in the opposite direction of where the wind blew the tent. Over the years of returning lost items, I have learned to apply alternative scenarios from where people tell me and it’s amazing how often the ring or item is not where they thought they lost it. I could have easily chalked this one up to someone picking the ring up cause it wasn’t in the normal search area described but glad I was able think outside the box and that lead to another great recovery! We met up later that afternoon and he was so happy to see his wedding ring! Check out the video below!