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Lost, and then Found, Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring in Chino Hills, CA

  • from Corona (California, United States)

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I received a text message from Dennis saying his wife, Hellen, lost her wedding ring in their 2023 Honda Odyssey minivan and they were unable to find it, and would I be able to come over and help. I explained to him that I would not be able to use my metal detecting equipment due to the high metal content of the vehicle, but I would still help him look with other tools I have.

He told me that they had been out to pick up some fast food and that Hellen had been in the back seat when they pulled into their driveway. She was reaching into the front center console to get her drink when she felt her Platinum wedding ring with diamonds fall off her finger.
Because it was late and dark, they decided to look for it the next morning. They pulled up the carpet where they could and searched both the front and rear compartments, but to no avail.
After several days of searching for it, they went on The Ringfinders website and found me.

Upon arriving, I immediately recognized that this was still a brand new vehicle with a pristine interior. Searching the floorboards and under the seats, there were no obvious places where the ring could have gotten lodged in. The carpet was still tight against the sides. Where did it go? Dennis and I were both perplexed.
I then went into the back seat and started checking from there. I found that Honda has located the spare tire in the center of the floorboard, covered with a particle-board type cover with the carpet on top of that. Dennis said because the car was new, he had never opened this compartment.

We removed the carpet and cover and, with a flashlight, I checked all around the spare tire, with no luck. On top of the spare was a molded accessory holder that held the jack and other related items. Nothing was obvious until removing it completely and then, there it was. Her ring had fallen down into one of the empty molded holes. But how? There were no obvious ways for this to happen! Upon closer examination of the passenger front seat, looking from the back seat floor, I found an approximate 1.5″ hole in the carpet at the base of the seat’s left leg. Somehow, that falling ring was (un)lucky enough to find that 1.5″ hole, where it fell down through to the spare tire.
We looked at each other in amazement and then Dennis took the ring into the house to Hellen. What a great reunion!