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Found Wedding Ring at a Vermont Beach

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)


I got a voicemail and text this morning from a guy who had lost his wedding ring yesterday at a local public beach. He had started into the water when he realized he was still wearing it. When swimming he normally takes it off so it won’t get lost. So he went back and put it in a shoe with his cell phone. He was trying to do the right thing!

After swimming he got his phone out and the ring was missing. So, he and his entire family searched through the sand for a long time, with no luck. They went back again today, used a rake and still no luck. He was feeling very discouraged, and figured it was gone forever, even wondering if someone had stolen it.

So, we met as soon as I could get there, his kids helped pointing out the correct area to search, and I got started. The sand was absolutely packed with signals. People have used it heavily for a hundred years, and had lots of campfires on it. Every swing had many signals, so I had to go super slow and really listen for good tones. Finally I got a signal that sounded good and had the right numbers for platinum.

There it was, 2 or 3 inches down, someone must’ve stepped on it with their heel. It felt so good to hand him his ring. He was out of the doghouse!! I figure that someone must have accidentally tripped over his shoe causing it to fall out.

Now, he can enjoy the rest of his visit with his dad, and their vacation a little better!