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Ocean City, Maryland’s “Ring Hero” Metal Detects Beach for Lost Wedding Ring…Found

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Steven’s tungsten carbide wedding ring that was lost on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland. Fortunately, Steven found THE RING FINDERS and metal detectorist, Brian Rudolph, known as THE RING HERO.

Steven excitedly showing off his cherished wedding band that his wife Samantha placed upon his finger on their wedding day just several years earlier. He couldn’t have been happier with the service that ring finder Brian Rudolph was able to provide.

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Steven was partying with his guy friends for the weekend in Ocean City, Maryland. The visiting Philadelphian was having a wonderful time with his buddies until he lost his irreplaceable wedding ring. Apparently, when the party crew had finished for the day on the beach, Steven removed his shirt and sunglasses from the back of his sun chair and then folded the sand furniture up just before walking off of the beach with his friends.

At some point later on, Steven realized that he never retrieved his wedding band from the back of the sun chair. He reached in to grab the jewel, but when he did, Steven’s sentimental keepsake was missing. Immediately, he returned back to the beach and looked everywhere for his ring but unfortunately, all of his efforts to recover the band led to no avail. His buddies also took a shot at rummaging through the sand to see if they would have any better luck, but they too could not find Steven’s “symbol of love” anywhere.

It took a while before Steven decided to give up looking for the ring and instead at some point that evening, the distraught young man decided to take to the internet to see if he could come up with a better solution to finding his ring. The answer came when he discovered a metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS which is made up of ring finding specialists all over the world. Steven called me up and I immediately took to the road and traveled 3 hours to Ocean City, Maryland to help recover Steven’s lost ring.

I was hoping to get to the beach before the sand sifter trucks rolled over the area where Steven and his friends were hanging out earlier that day. There was a good chance that the ring could be picked up by the machine and taken to the central city dumping area or that it would be sifted up and released down the beach somewhere never to be seen again. Unfortunately, because of terrible traffic and numerous storms that passed over the inland areas where I was driving through, I did not arrive In Ocean City until very late that evening, way after the time when the sifters had crossed that section of the beach. I so hoped that Steven’s precious piece of metal was skipped over by the sifting machines and that it never got gobbled up.

When I met up with my client, he took me to the approximate area where he and his friends were hanging out. I took note of where that section of the beach lined up with hotels and condos just so I would not forget the parameters of where I I needed to search. It was a good thing that I took note of those landmarks because a ferocious storm could be seen out in the distance and it was quickly heading in our direction. The wind picked up and lightning flashed brilliantly in the late night skies above. We would have to get off the beach and I had no choice but to delay the search until a few hours later.

As soon as Steven and I made it safely off the beach and back onto the street where my car was parked, we agreed to be in touch with one another sometime in the early morning hours. The storm was so scary that my client took off quickly to grab safe cover and I darted into my car where I rested until weather conditions were calm enough to go back onto the sand.

Eventually, the storm passed through Ocean City and I got out all of my equipment and headed once more towards the surf. I love conducting searches out on the beach or in the water. Every time I do so, I feel like I’m home again. I simply love it. When I arrived, I greeted my beloved ocean and surf with a tired smile across my face. I could tell that the powerful winds from the storm that had passed over the area left a tremendous effect on the waves that were violently crashing up on shore.

It was still dark outside when I laid out my grid lines and began searching for Steven’s tungsten carbide wedding band. I methodically and systematically metal detected lane by lane, foot by foot, and inch by inch until I finally received the very target signal that I had been hoping for. Of course there were all kinds of pieces of metal that I previously investigated and pulled from the sand, such as: little pieces of aluminum foil, bottle caps, pull tabs and coins. However, there was this one particular signal that caught my interest more than the rest and yes, it indeed turned out to be my client’s ring! I could not have been happier to recover this very sentimental piece of jewelry for Steven!

As the sun began to rise over the horizon, Steven met up with me once more on the beach. That’s when I got to share the fantastic news that my client would be going home to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his special wedding band back on his finger! Steven was elated and beyond grateful for my search efforts and determination to do all I could to recover his sentimental keepsake! Later, I would find out that Steven’s wife Samantha was so overjoyed at hearing what Steven did to hire me. The ring also meant a great deal to her as well because Samantha had the honor of putting that “marriage covenant symbol” on her husband’s finger just a few years earlier on their wedding day!

Before my client and I would eventually say our goodbyes to one another, Steven shared with me that he couldn’t wait to tell his guy friends what became of his initial phone call to me asking for professional metal detecting support! He told me that from the beginning of this whole ordeal, his party clan was very skeptical of a service like THE RING FINDERS and they didn’t think there was a chance in the world that I was going to find their friend’s missing ring. Well, in the end, I love proving people wrong!


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