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Lost and Found Diamond Wedding Band in Germantown, Maryland Bushes

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Kelly’s Beautiful and Elegant 14 Karat White Gold Diamond Wedding Band Finally Reunited With its Enhancer!

Happiness Prevails Once Again as Kelly Proudly Displays Her Most Precious Material Possession on Earth!


I had the privilege of providing a search and recovery metal detecting service for Kelly and Jim in Germantown, Maryland.

The couple was relaxing and drinking wine on their wrap around porch one evening. Kelly took off her enhancer ring which surrounded the 14 karat white gold wedding band and put it on the table where the wine glasses sat.

One of their sons came out with a stick and wanted to show them something about it. He accidentally knocked the rings off of the table along with at least one of the wine glasses which broke on the floor.

The couple looked for the two rings and they quickly found the enhancer resting across the floor, but not the wedding band. For an entire week, Jim and Kelly searched diligently for the missing ring but ended up having no answers to show for their many hours of searching with a metal detector.

Jim shared that the metal detector they used kept making beeping sounds and they got simply nowhere with it. It was picking up all kinds of metal from the house, including nails and other miscellaneous items, but not what they were looking for.

Jim found me on THE RING FINDERS international metal detectorist directory website and then reached out to me as soon as they realized that they needed a professional metal detectorist to help them. He explained to me that finding the ring was one of their top priorities because they were packing up their things and moving to their new house in Florida in just one week! It was obviously essential for me to be successful with this ring search call-out to their home! I couldn’t wait to solve this mystery!

When I arrived at the family’s home, I was greeted by one of the children outside by my car. All of the kids were just fantastic to be around! They all wanted to learn about metal detecting and see how I would find the missing ring.

After I introduced myself to Jim and Kelly, they showed me where they were sitting on the porch and where they found the enhancer ring. I noticed that the bushes in front of the entire wrap around porch area were extremely dense, nearly 12 feet deep from the edge of the porch all the way to where the lawn began.

The couple shared with me that they looked for hours upon hours, day after day for an entire week, searching endlessly for the missing wedding band. They were just completely exhausted with all of their attempts.

Once I got the whole story as to what happened that caused the one ring to completely disappear, I gave my word to Kelly and Jim that they would get the ring back in time for their move the following week! I certainly hoped that I was going to recover the lost jewel that evening if all possible.

I went to the car and got all of the equipment that I needed to conduct the search. I even brought my endoscope with me in order to look down into the porch floor boards just in case there was enough space for the ring to have slipped down into a large enough crack in the wood. Upon checking all of the gaps between the boards, there was not enough room for the ring to fall down into the porch flooring.

Next, I began metal detecting in the bushes next to the porch and I began pulling up all kinds of kiddy toys and miscellaneous pieces of metal. There were pull tabs and nails along with rolled up pieces of aluminum foil that were once imaginary play things for the children. I thought that was really sentimental and fun to uncover! The parents got a kick out of it! I used a 6-inch coil on the end of my detector to search the hard to get to places and I carefully inspected the areas where there were some electrical lines that were no longer in use. Still I could not find Kelly’s beautiful wedding band.

While I was conducting the search, all of the children played around my working area and interacted with me regarding their curiosities about my methods of metal detecting. They always had something fun to show me and I was quite honored that they seemed to feel comfortable approaching me and including me in their own outdoor endeavors!

Once I cleared a particular area of ground surrounded by a section of bushes, I moved to another part and carefully examined every square inch possible of that quadrant. I used my pinpointer to search in the branches just in case the ring ended up landing “above ground”! The hedges were extremely thick and it was quite possible the ring could have absolutely landed in the middle of some branches and needles.

The thickets were so dense that I thought it to be almost impossible for Kelly’s wedding band to have made it more than a few feet into the bushes based on how thick the whole area was down there. I metal detected from the edge of the porch to about 5 feet into the shrubs. I conducted the search all the way around that entire side of the porch, making certain that I didn’t miss anything. With my headlamp on full blaze, I illuminated all of the dark areas down below and kept a watchful eye for the missing ring even in places where I was not able to metal detect. Still, I came up with nothing.

After about an hour and 45 minutes, I decided to move around to the other side of the bushes and start metal detecting from the lawn in towards the dense forest of shrubs! Looking straight at the porch from the grass, I started at the far right side which would have been on the extreme right side of where the couple was drinking their wine on that dreadful evening when the ring disappeared. I like to start outside the box and end up outside of the same box where most people would consider the area too unrealistic to search when looking for the lost item. Quite often I discover that the ring ends up much farther than where the client thought to search which is why the client never was able to find what he / she was looking for.

I worked diligently, metal detecting the grounds beneath the bushes and within the branches above. I moved from the right side over to the left area, heading towards the front of the house. Again, I found some of the children’s play things and homemade crafts, as well.

I got to a point in the search where I was about 15 feet away from the porch on a diagonal angle through the bushes with my feet just touching the grass. I had my body slightly leaning forward into the shrubs. The particular area of bushes that I was detecting was so far away from where the couple was sitting, (which would have made it probably around 20 feet in total) that no one in their right mind could conceive the thought that the ring had a chance of making it through 15 feet of thick bushes and then settle just inches away from the clearing where the grass began on the other side. Well, to my greatest surprise, that’s exactly what happened! My detector gave me a very intriguing signal, indicating that there was a potential target just underneath one of the bushes next to the clearing of the flower bed. I leaned down to inspect the area where the detector was picking up the signal. Just as I was putting my pinpointer in the region where the metal was located, my eyes locked on to the most beautiful diamond wedding band! It was wedged up against the trunk of one of the bushes in plain sight! I was beyond amazed at how that ring rocketed that far through all of the dense shrubs, almost clearing the entire bed! It seems like the moment that I think I’ve seen it all, there’s something else that blows my mind and this was clearly another example of such a moment!

I was so happy to have found Kelly’s missing wedding band and I was even more excited to surprise the family with it shortly after I solved the mystery of where that beloved ring had ended up! Kelly and Jim could not have been more thrilled and relieved that I had successfully recovered their beloved sentimental piece of gold and gorgeous diamonds! They too had their minds blown away when I showed them the exact spot of where that ring settled to the ground after their son innocently caused the rings to jettison from the porch table!

After I shared my findings with the family, we all celebrated with the most delicious homemade cookies that Kelly had made earlier that day! I was then given the grand tour of their lovely home that they were about to say goodbye to.

Now that I had found one of the couple’s most precious belongings that had gone mysteriously missing for over a week, Jim and Kelly were finally emotionally ready to start packing for their journey down south to Florida!

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