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Cory’s Handsome Platinum Wedding Band Recovered After the Client Decided NOT to Buy a Metal Detector and Instead Hire a Member of the THE RING FINDERS!

A Happy Smile Filled With Relief Now That Cory Again Holds His Cherished “Symbol of Love” the Moment Metal Detectorist Brian Rudolph Found the Jewel and Returned it to His Baltimore, Maryland Client!

The best affordable metal detector does exist, but you are probably not expecting what I’m about to suggest that you invest in. A lot of people I know buy cheap Amazon knock off brand detectors and they end up being useless. Others purchase machines that are made by reputable companies such as Minelab, XP and Garrett. However, those detectors cost a pretty penny when all they really want to do is to find their missing ring or other piece of jewelry.

So what do I suggest? Don’t waste your money on buying any metal detector purchase or even laying down money on a rental. Check out the international metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS and contact a local specialist near you to help you find the lost item (like a ring) that you are searching for. This decision will help you avoid wasting your hard earned money on something that you don’t know how to use and something that you will probably never use again.

Call Item Recovery Specialist Brian Rudolph at (301) 466-8644! He Will Find Your Lost Keepsake in Any Environment: Land, Water, Sand, Cliffs, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles!

Cory is the perfect example of someone who decided to not go the route of purchasing a metal detector. After losing his beloved platinum wedding band (which he wasn’t sure if it disappeared within or outside his Baltimore, Maryland house) Cory looked everywhere for the precious keepsake. Unfortunately, all of his efforts led to no avail. He could not find the ring anywhere. Even though he checked several rooms inside of his place, Cory was pretty sure that he must have lost it while gardening in the front yard.

Next, the desperate young man looked online to see what his options were in regards to buying a metal detector. He needed a quick resolution to his problem because he was moving from his residence in a matter of days. That’s why he was doing all of that gardening work outside. He was making things look presentable for the next owner. It was only after Cory realized that he knew nothing about using a metal detector that he decided to look at other options. Well, the only alternative to buying or renting a metal detector was to hire a professional metal detecting specialist! That’s when I came into the picture.

I received a call from Cory shortly after he found information online regarding THE RING FINDERS. The gentleman was quite excited to put his concern for finding the ring into the hands of a professional. As I shared above, he didn’t even know whether he lost it outside or possibly inside the house. To buy or rent a detector could have been a big waste of money and time for the Baltimore resident.

Cory told me that he had a hunch that the wedding band was somewhere in the front yard. It was only after several hours of searching under and around the front hedges where he had been gardening (without a metal detector) that he knew he needed greater assistance. I told him not to fear and that I, The Ring Hero would soon be there!

Later that night, I showed up with all of my finest quality metal detecting gear to help Cory recover his lost special piece of platinum. The average person who is not serious about metal detecting would never spend the kind of money on such technology that I have acquired. When hiring a ring finder, the client is not only obtaining the best equipment on the market, but he or she is also teaming up with an experienced metal detectorist who knows what signals and tones they are looking for to take them to the lost item. And that is exactly what I did for my client!

Even though it was night time and dark outside, I used my high lumens headlamp while I began to scan the area in the front yard where Cory had been doing the gardening and weeding. His neighbor walked outside of his front porch while having a smoke and watched me make magic! In less than 30 seconds or so, I got the perfect signal for a men’s platinum wedding band. Because I am so familiar with just the right target numbers for such a ring, I was almost 100% confident that I had already found Cory’s beloved sentimental symbol of love! I knelt down on the ground and pulled out my handheld metal detector that is used for pinpointing the exact spot where the larger metal detector picked up the signal. As I got it into position, the pinpointer sounded off and I knew precisely where the object rested below the blades of grass. Finally, I used my fingers to separate the plant life and there it was – Cory’s handsome platinum wedding band that his wife had placed upon his finger only a short time in the past! I was quite excited to show off my incredible results with my client just after he came back from being inside the house!

Both Cory and his neighbor were both blown away by my ability to quickly scan the area in question and effectively and successfully recover the young man’s most cherished materially possession! My client was beyond excited and extremely happy that he went in the direction of requesting my services rather than throwing lots of cash or credit down the drain! The young man got his ring back that night just prior to permanently leaving his house to move on to the next one. Just days later he would end up shutting the front door to his residence and turning the key with the very hand that once again held his priceless circle of love!

The lesson to learn: The best affordable detector you can acquire is the one owned by a professional metal detecting specialist who will do the work himself and save you all that unnecessary grief and expense which Cory was smart enough to avoid.


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