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Lost ring at Utah Lake: Found

Preston went to a popular Utah Lake beach to enjoy the November sunset. While he was there, he removed his 14K gold ring and held it in his hand. When he returned to his car, he realized that he no longer had the ring. He returned to the spot where he had been sitting, but he couldn’t find it. He got a metal detector and searched in the sand again, but still couldn’t find it. That evening, his wife found and gave me a tearful call. I was out of town, but told her I would be home the next night, so we arranged to meet. My plane landed at 7:30 pm, and I met them at the American Fork marina at 9:00 with my metal detectors. After about 10 minutes searching, there was the ring! His wife texted me, “Thank you so much, Larry, for finding my husband’s ring and making time to help us out today! We are amazed how quickly you found it! We really appreciate it.”