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Lost Wedding Ring Found In St Albans VT

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

Several months ago, during the Winter, I got an email from a gentleman in St Albans, VT. He lost his wedding band 5 years ago, had spent countless hours searching for it and even used a metal detector, with no luck. He and his son were in their pool throwing a ball to each other. He went to catch a fast ball and felt his ring go flying off his finger. He had recently lost some weight and had a jeweler add some bumps to the inside of his ring to make it fit tighter, but it was still too loose. He and his wife’s rings were matching, custom made rings, with a special and meaningful pattern which they didn’t want to cut and re-size the conventional way.
They searched the lawn and the pool filter for hours. The kicker was that the pool was only a few feet from a short fence which his ring could’ve easily flown over. On the other side of the fence was a thick patch of brush and weeds. Beyond that was a paved parking lot to a large apartment house. He and his son looked there for a long time and those neighbors helped and kept an eye out. The thought did cross his mind that maybe someone over there may have pocketed the ring. Sadly, he gave up hope of ever seeing it again and went to a department store and bought an inexpensive replacement ring.
Then, 5 years later, his wife saw my ad for The Ring Finders on Craigslist. She gave him my info and he emailed. I said it would make sense to wait until Spring, when the snow is gone and the ground wasn’t frozen hard. It is very easy to damage a ring when digging in frozen ground.
So, yesterday I went up to do a search. He showed me the area and I began. The ground was full of signals from many years of human activity, toy cars and coins. His son was an awesome helper, he trampled down lots of brush on the neighbors side so I could swing the detector. After about 3 hours, I went back onto his lawn to search some more. I got a great signal, dug down into the soft soil about 2 inches with my finger, and felt that slippery feeling of gold! Without him seeing it, I rinsed it off a little, got his wife to come out and showed it to them together. Wow, such a fantastic moment! Words couldn’t describe the emotions. I love this hobby!

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