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Lost Diamond Gold Ring in South Jordan, Utah- Found

Received a call from a lady regarding a lost diamond gold ring that had been given to her by a late uncle. She received this ring when she lived in Iran and had it on her finger for several years. While playing volleyball in the park with friends and family, she went to hit the ball and the ring popped right off her finger. They spent the next several hours looking for it and even went out and got a metal detector but were unable to locate the ring. That is when she found me online and we made plans that night to go search for it before the park services started to mow the lawn.

With just an hour of light left in the day, I met her at the location and started to grid off the area. Parks are historically very trashy areas so there were a lot of low tone signals. Small gold rings will give off a signal very similar to a pull tab or small piece of aluminum. As the sun was setting, I got a good hit on the detector and sure enough it was the ring! It had flown 20+ feet from the area of where they were playing volleyball. Her reaction when I brought it to her is the whole reason I love doing this! Check out the video below!