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Lost Wedding Band Reunited With a Young Dad in Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Got an email yesterday from a young dad who had lost his wedding band a couple days ago. He had been walking in a pine grove hand and hand with his daughter, who is just a toddler. Apparently she had tugged a little too hard on his ring finger and it fell off in the pine needles. So my fiancee, her granddaughter and I went to the rural town to go search for it. On the way I was little stubborn and didn’t listen to our GPS, so we ended up taking the LONG way around! It sure was a beautiful evening for a ride in a classic, hilly section of VT. We even saw some deer, including a tiny spotted fawn.

The dad had narrowed down the likeliest area to begin the search. With a little coaching on my better detector, my fiancee’s granddaughter was off on the search. Soon her detector rang out with a strong gold signal. She pushed some pine needles to the side and there it was. The dad was so happy and relieved it was back on his ring finger!

What timing this hunt was, just in time for Father’s Day!


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