Lost San-Disk Card in Tall Grass Tag | The Ring Finders

Photographer Lost Her SD Card, Wolf Creek Road, Edson Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)





Jordan called me this morning requesting my service to locate her 64gb San-disk card which she lost while taking photo shoots of her clients out in a remote area in Yellowhead county.
It was very important to locate the SD card because she had pictures of four different clients on that disk. It would be very expensive to redo all the photo shoots again plus the time and the inconvenience to her clients. The disk was lost in very tall grass. Jordan and some friends searched the area last night for about three hours with no luck. I told Jordan if she put me in the approximate area that she lost the card I would find it. I told her I could be there in about two hours since she is 200 Km away from me.
I meet Jordan at the area and within 30 minutes I found her SD card in perfect condition. Jordan was overwhelmed and very happy to have her card back.
Thank you, Jordan, for entrusting me to find your card.