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Lost gold ring recovered in Little Pike Lake, Warsaw Indiana

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Zoey called about her husband losing his rose gold wedding band in a park swimming area. She said they were in 4 feet of water when he felt it slide off. They recalled that they were “to the left” of a certain lifeguard seat and in line with a certain rope buoy. Immediately upon starting the search, I knew it was going to possibly be an iffy chance, dud to molten slag gravel making up most of the base layer of the swim area. After confidenyly searching the area stated by them, I expanded the search to deeper water, got a nice mid-tone signal between constant slag signals while on mg tip toes, water up to my chin (I am 6’3”). Right on the edge of a drop off. Scooped the target and when checking the scoop, saw a rose gold band in it! I looked and saw Zoey standing at the water’s edge, she had lost hope (after about 25 minutes). I said “I got it!” and she turned to all smiles. Some beach goers had overheard the conversation after and walked over to express their mutual gratitude for recovering the newly wed couple’s lost ring.