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Lost gold wedding ring recovered in Indian Lake, Vicksburg Michigan

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Newly wed couple, Zach and Cherise, had both gotten on their float tubes to enjoy some time on the water. After getting on his tube, Zach “pushed off” of the step-deck of their boat docked in the boat lift. As soon as he did that, his white gold ring fell off and into the water. They tried to locate the ring using goggles and swim masks, but couldnt stay down under well enough. The bottom was also mucky with weeds covering it. The water depth was from 5 to 8 feet where the ring fell off, requiring scuba gear utilization.
I searched for awhile and found several metal sparkler wire pieces, some metallic trash and a fillet knife blade (save some one from potential injury). After about ten minutes I got a nice mid-tone signal in the right area surrounded by iron trash signals. Got my pinpointer in action, felt a signal from down in the muck and then felt a ring, The couple was happy and a very sharp hidden hazard was removed from the swim area.