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Lost ring in Long Lake Grand Traverse County, Mi found with a metal detector.

I received a call from Dave about a sentimental ring lost in Long Lake in Grand Traverse County, Mi.

I knew from the story this is one ring I had to find. They thought the ring had flown off a finger by a sweeping motion with her hand.

I told Dave the ring is there, I would find it. The only issues are all the stuff in the water over the years to sort through.

I told him this could take 10 seconds or 10 hours. I did find a lot of stuff in the water. Old coins, matchbox cars, screws, bolts from the dock, washers, nuts, and a shotgun shell casing.

I searched the primary area they set out and did not find the ring. I then decided to search under the dock; after 2 hours of searching, I finally found the ring at the edge of the dock, making everybody very happy.



Lost Gold Wedding ring found in Interlochen, Mi with a metal detector.

I received a call from Vivian today while I was at work. Vivian needed some help because her husband had lost his Gold Wedding ring for the second time.

It was lost in the water at a private house in 2 feet of water.

I met them after work the same night. I started with a grid search, then after being in the water for 20 minutes, I found the ring.

This was a nice little short search after work.


Lost ring found at the Torch lake Sandbar in Torch lake Michigan

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

I received a call today from this gang enjoying the day at the Torch Lake Sandbar in the rain.

They need help finding a lost men’s wedding ring.

I got to the location, and it was an easy search. They stayed in the exact location and waited for me to arrive.

I set up my marker stakes, then walked about 5 feet to find the ring.

Lost keys and cell phone rescued from Bass Lake in Traverse City, Mi with a metal detector.

I received a call that Hugh lost his keys and cell phone in Bass lake. Hugh was anchoring his boat in waist deep water. When, I got to the location Hugh’s wife told me off the right side of the dock in waist deep water. The muck was about a foot deep in the area. The keys and phone disappeared in the muck as soon as they hit the bottom. I got the waders on and headed into the lake. The first target was an old ice shanty. I moved out a little further then found the keys. I found the phone right next to the keys. A nice easy call, I was in the water about 10 minutes.


Ring and Pendant found in Higgins Lake, Michigan with a metal detector

This call started over text. I get a text at 8:00 pm “I need your help I found you on google” “Ur a ring finder right” “you can like find rings in water”?

This went on for 30 minutes then I got impatient and called the number. I got no answer so I texted “why are you not answering the phone if you need help”. Then get a response, I’m 15 turning 16 tomorrow I thought you would want to talk to an adult. Yes,Yes,Yes I would love to talk to an adult. Then Marissa texted her mothers phone number to me. I called Melissa and got the details of what had happened. Marissa was trying to pull herself up on a dock and the necklace she was wearing got caught and broke. The silver pendant and a ring she inherited from a close uncle fell in the water below. Marissa was devastated thinking she lost the ring for ever. By this time it was 9:00 pm so I told Melissa we needed to wait till the following morning to recover the ring and pendant in the daylight. They were 1 hour travel from me and it was getting dark fast. I asked Melissa to text me an address to the house.

I waited 1/2 hour for the address and it was not coming. I texted Melissa to remind her about the address. I needed it before I went to bed to see where they were located. She said Marissa was having a very hard time and could not settle down. I told Melissa I could talk to her I have 17 and 15 year old girls. She said that would be great she is trying to get ready for Marissa’s birthday the next day. I called Marissa with my magical powers. When I start talking about metal detectors and sand scoops girls/women just fall asleep. I did such an good job after I found the pendant and ring Melissa could not wake Marissa up. She about had to pry her out of bed with a crow bar. I showed Marissa the ring and pendant and she was very happy to get them back. She said it helped me talking to her the night before and explaining they were not gone I could find them.