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Lost Diamond Wedding Band While Walking the dog in the Crescent Beach Area…

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Today I got a call from a man by the name of Stuart whose wife lost her diamond wedding band walking the dog, so they thought. Stuart’s wife Jane put on her rings in the morning and by the time she realized her diamond wedding band was not on her finger, it was 2pm.I met Stuart and Jane at 5 PM today at their home at Crescent Beach, we talked about the possibilities of where the ring could be and decided to set out on the 1.5 km walk to search for her lost ring. Jane walk us around ┬áthe neighbourhood and took us to the areas where she believed there was a good chance of finding the ring. Unfortunately no ring was found in the most likely areas and by the time we were almost at their home… good news! I was walking on peoples front yards near the road and we were all talking and just as I received a strong signal on my detector I heard Stuart say… theres the ring!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And there it was on the grass just by my loop… such a beautiful ring for such a lovely lady! And how appropriate that her husband would find it and put it back on her finger 15 years later. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I always say every ring has a story and that story ends when the ring is lost…I was so happy that the ring found its way back to Jane and the store gets to continue. Over the years I have found hundreds of lost rings for people and today Stuart found his first ring and the most important one at that…This search turned out to be a team effort and 6 eyes are better then 2…Thank you very much for the kind reward and I will be donating 50% of the reward money to your cause Jane…Heart & Stroke Foundation.Thank you for reading my post! Lost a ring? Call ASAP!I love my job!Watch the video of the search below.https://youtu.be/dHYN0ZoZDCY