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Lost Cartier Wedding Band in Surf .. Found after Two Months .. Balboa Beach, CA.

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*** Emil called me shortly after discovering that his 18k Cartier wedding band was not on his finger. He had been visiting friends that live near the Balboa Pier in Newport Beach, CA. They walk ed to the beach and did a quick dive into the surf, then walked across the dry sand and a block along the sidewalk to the house. While sitting in the jacuzzi he realized the ring was missing. 

Those were the clues I had to begin my search. I would love to hear that he felt the ring come off when he dove in the surf. After talking to Emil, I explained that I could use my metal detector to search the surf at the next low tide and I could search the dry sand to where he got to the sidewalk. All other possible places would have to be searched visually. He said he could do that.

My search of the dry sand and the wet sand at the next two low tides were unsuccessful. I told him that I would keep his contact information and the photo of his ring in case it showed up some time later. This is a beach I often detect and sometimes other detectorists ask me if I can connect them to owners of rings they have found. 

Two months later I was doing some recreational metal detecting on that same location and I found a silver colored ring but didn’t associate it with the white gold ring lost two months ago. A half hour later I started to think, maybe that ring could be the one that Emil lost. I pulled out my iPhone to check the photo Emil had sent me two months ago. BOOM!!! It was a match.. Emil’s ring did come off in the surf and survived two major storms with lots of sand movement.

I sent him a photo of his ring and we met the same night so he could pick up his ring.  Some beaches can hold a ring in the 10” to 14” depth for weeks, making low tide recoveries possible. This was not one of those beaches. Soft fluffy sand eats rings, or let’s them sink out range of most metal detectors.. We were lucky !!

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