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Engagement Ring Lost in Backyard … Compton, CA. … Found in Sandy Soil

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Dustin called asking me if I was available to search his back yard. His wife Candy had dropped her wedding ring set in the sandy back yard. They had actually found the smaller rose gold wedding band, but after three days the engagement ring was not to be found.
After arriving at their house, I was able to see what the search area looked like. Got real excited until I turned on my CTX 3030 metal detector. There was lots of metal trash which could mask a signal of a small rose gold ring. Small 20’x 20′ area. I did a quick grid with my stock 11″ coil with no results. I changed to a smaller 6″ coil. Many many signals, but swinging very slowly on a third grid I caught a short low tone mixed with other high tones. Looked down catching a glimpse of the band actually vertical in the sand. The diamond setting was down in the dirt. Bingo! Ring found.
It did take about an hour but Candy and Dustin were surprised and gratefully thanked me with sincerity. It was a pleasure to help them.