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Metal detector found lost heirloom gold ring San Diego lagoon lake water ocean beach

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)



TheRingFinders S.D metal detector service helped find a lost heirloom Gold wedding band at a beach water lagoon ; Open now; Call 760 889 2751

This story began on Jan 17th 2021 when I received a text message for help to find a lost gold ring in San Diego Ca.  Surprisingly this location use to be a backyard fishing & kayaking spot here in local North county that I could walk too & from my previous home spending countless hours in my younger years. I know the beach sands well here which definitely helps the chances of any recovery.

  We then scheduled the best time to conduct a search for the next day during a much lower tide. The couple had a good idea of a possible vicinity to scan over on this relatively small secluded beach spot.  After talking over how and where it was lost with them, I began a grid search to rule out every inch with in due process of illumination that ended up consuming more time than I expected. I’ve hunted here years ago & knew I would waste time digging the usual suspected metal targets such as bottle caps,fishing gear etc… As I had did for nearly…. (One hour Later) …

   At this point I’m wondering if I should grab another detector out of my vehicle to rescan the same areas again & dig those terrible trashy targets I had skipped not even bothering digging up.??  I got to also mention I felt bad for the couple and young one baking in the cold sun for this long already,, Good grief …! But I knew what must be done.

The lessons I’ve learned after over a hundred lost ring calls through Theringfinders is to keep expanding the search areas.  #1.

Sure enough just before I needed recoup from swinging outside of the box I get the best signal on my metal detector that entire morning sounding exactly like a holy gold ring…??  So I signaled Allana over there smiling and dug up this irreplaceable precious heirloom gold ring that was handed down through their family for many generations.