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Lost Wedding Ring in Cedar City: Found

Had another thrilling ring recovery this week! Most of the calls I get from theringfinders.com directory are up and down the Wasatch front here in Utah but this week’s call came in from Cedar City which is about 3 hours south.

Hayden reached out to me after a couple days of searching for this wife’s engagement ring. Jennifer had left the house to take an evening walk and as she rounded the corner, she felt and heard her ring fly off her finger. Fortunately, she was able to find her wedding band in the street just about 15 feet from where she felt the ring come off her finger. Her engagement ring was a white gold with a halo setting of diamonds. Hayden first went out and bought a metal detector but it was difficult to use. After talking with Hayden, my schedule worked out that I could head down that  day and look for the ring. I got in car around 1:30pm and got to Hayden’s house a little after 4pm with about an hour left of light. We made a few passes along the curb of the road but quickly realized we were too far down the road from where Jennifer had found her other ring. Once Jennifer described where she was, I was able to backtrack up the street and within just a few minutes, I found the ring which had jumped the curb and landed into the tall grass. When I pulled the ring from the grass, Hayden and Jennifer were so excited. Like most engagement rings, this one was very special to them and finding it before they were set to move from the house was causing a lot of stress and anxiety.

After a few smiles and hugs, we went to take some pics for this page and that’s when we had a little plot twist! Jennifer went to hand me the ring so I could get a close up and since it was so cold and the wind was blowing really hard, the ring fell out of her hand onto the street again. Only this time, it landed right in front of us but we quickly noticed that the center diamond was missing!!! Just after a few minutes of finding the ring, we were back looking for the diamond on the street. Jennifer had mentioned the prong on the setting was damaged and needed to be fixed. After about a ten minute search, Jennifer spotted the diamond and all peace and joy was restored lol. I truly believe it was a blessing that the diamond came out then vs sometime in the future where it would have been virtually impossible to find.

So after 3 hour drive down to Cedar City, followed by a 45 minute search, Hayden and Jennifer had their ring back with the lost diamond. I think the great thing about this whole experience is meeting some amazing people and hearing their stories. I got home a little after 8pm that night right before the snow started to fall. Everything just worked out perfectly and so happy Hayden and Jennifer reached out!