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Lost Platinum Wedding Ring at Los Angeles, South Bay Beach .. Found by a member of TheRingFinders

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… Steve called me for help finding his Platinum wedding band. Lost in the sand near the Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA. He said his friends were coming with a metal detector they purchased from a local sporting goods shop. 

I told him that it would be more than an hour till I could meet him on the beach. It would be dark but, if they stayed in the location it shouldn’t take long to find his ring. I only asked if he found it before I got there, please call me. Otherwise I will be there as soon as possible. Los Angeles freeways are unpredictable when it comes to traffic delays. 

I arrived at 8pm in the darkness. They showed me where Steve was standing when the ring slipped off his finger. Turn on my detector and take a few swings ,BINGO.. Platinum ring in my sand scoop. 

Every one was happy and they all learned that it isn’t easy to work a metal detector they had purchased at the store. 

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