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Lost Wedding Ring Near Kamas Utah- Found After Over a Year in the Creek!

I saw post on FB about a lost ring that happened over a year ago. Alisha and her husband had been up in the mountains when she had barely took her ring off and it dropped out of her hand and rolled off the bridge into the water. I had been talking to her for a couple months waiting for the spring runoff in the mountains to get up to the location where she had lost it. Saturday turned out to be the right day to go as the water in the creek had finally got back to normal levels. She told me it fell into the water on the east side of the bridge. The water was extremely cold and the current was strong! It was probably only 3-4 feet deep in that area but the slippery rocks and the current made it difficult. I started right in the area of where she explained she lost it and after several signals that included fishing weights, spinners, aluminum cans, and even a can of fishing bait, I got a clean 12-13 on the metal detector and after a couple handfuls of gravel, the ring appeared in my hand! The ring had not traveled very far from where it was dropped but it had spent over a year in the bottom of the creek!!! I called Alisha as soon as I got down from the mountain and she was so excited to hear the good news! She talked about how often she thought about the ring as she works for the forest service and would pass by the bridge. She was confident that one day she would see it again. Goes to show that things that are lost are not always lost forever!