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Another Lost Wedding Ring Found in Snow at Killington VT Ski Area

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Had another wedding ring mission in Killington Vt this morning. Met some very nice people, too. We were successful thanks to his great location marking and memory, and it took only about 15 minutes! Got spoiled by the Killington ski area when they brought us up the mountain on a company snowmobile!

Last weekend he had been skiing in the woods, next to the ski trails, and took a minor fall. But, when he shook his snow-filled gloves out, the ring went flying into the snow. He and friends searched hard for about 6 hours, shoveling and sifting the snow, and even buying a metal detector from a local store. Not knowing if the detector was working properly, he gave me a call to help look. I was excited all week, looking forward to the challenge of the hunt!

So, he took today off from work and drove back up from New York City and met me there this morning. After getting all the permissions needed from the ski area, which was a lot of work for him, we went up and started the search. Before we started digging, I ran my detector on top of the snow all around the location he thought it should be at. I was about to give up and start digging in the 3 feet deep snow, when the glorious sound of metal being detected rang out! It was his cherished wedding band that he was never going to give up on.  (by coincidence, it was the 2nd platinum men’s wedding ring that I’ve found in Killington, in less than a month!) It was only about 5 or 6 inches deep and only about 3 feet from where they had searched so hard the weekend before.

We came prepared for an all day hunt, he even brought sandwiches for us. I figured it could easily turn into a full day or maybe even 2 or 3 return trips to the area after the snow had melted. It was very nice to see the ring reunited with a happy owner.



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