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Lost Gold/Titanium Wedding Band in Lehi: Found

Brock reached out to me after I posted a recent ring recovery on my Instagram page. I have know Brock for several years so when he called me telling me how he just lost his wedding band while power washing his 4 wheeler, I quickly headed over to his place to find it. He heard his ring hit the cement but couldn’t find it after a good search. Brock has a multi-tier backyard with several levels. Each level has a rock retaining wall as well so plenty of places a ring could hide. After getting all the info from Brock, I started to search each tier. Since the two tiers had cement, I figured this ring could have traveled a fair distance. After making it to the 3rd tier from where Brock noticed the ring was missing, I was detecting along the edge of the grass and got a nice clean signal. Sure enough, it was his ring! The ring had traveled probably 50+ feet down two tiers and jump two retaining walls. It was a very quick search and since I have known Brock for several years, it was great to help out a friend in need!

Lost 14K Gold Wedding Band in Lehi: Found

Mark reached out to me after losing his 14K Gold wedding band while doing some work around the yard. He was raking up leaves in the backyard and getting everything ready for winter. It was cold and he was in a hurry to get the work done. When he finished putting the leaves in bags, he went inside to wash his hands and noticed his ring was missing.

After talking with Mark and surveying the area, I started to grid off and search for the ring. After completing my grid of the area, the ring was nowhere to be found. I turned to the bags of leaves and on the 3rd bag, got a signal and sitting there was his ring!  Good thing the bags of leaves didn’t make it to the dump before I had a chance to search them! Mark was thrilled!