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Beautiful Ring Found in Vermont Fall

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)


I got a message last night from a lady who had lost a very special ring a few days earlier. She had heard about my services from another member of the local online Forum. She had been on errands to several places and also had been helping her husband doing the Fall gutter cleanings and scrubbing the siding. She also may have lost it indoors. I am at least able to search the outdoor part of those possible locations!

This ring had huge sentimental meaning. When she was nineteen, her mother had taken her on a vacation to an island in the tropics. There was a local artisan on the island who made custom jewelry. Her mother spotted a beautiful ring and gave it to her. She has treasured it ever since.

When I got to their house, they showed me all the areas they had been working and dumping leaves. So, I got started. At first, I quickly searched the more likely spots. No luck. So, I settled in for a longer, more intensive search. After about an hour of trying to sort through hundreds of signals, I finally got the magic sound and numbers. There it was under a vinyl trough that carried water away from the house. I guess someone had accidentally kicked or raked it under there. I was so glad she hadn’t lost it downtown!

When I handed it to her, she went from the somber “given up” mood to a very happy mood!
I love these successes!