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3 Gold and diamond rings lost for four months recovered. Pingree Grove, Illinois

  • from Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I received a text from Melissa letting me know that she’d heard about me on The Ring Finders website. She said that she had lost her wedding rings in her backyard back in May which was a little over four months ago.  I assured her that if she indeed did lose them in the backyard they should be pretty easy to find.  After a few weeks we were able to set up a time to do the search.  She gave me the story of how she thought that the rings were lost. Her and her husband were having a water ballon fight with their son in their backyard.  When she went inside later in the day she noticed that her rings were missing. So I started a grid search on the left side of the backyard and I carefully worked my way across the the yard.  I was running out of space quickly but  after about a hour of  searching and only about 2 passes left before covering the entire yard I got a loud double beep! I knew that it was the rings! As i looked down i could see one laying in a small patch of dirt without any grass, and as I was bending over to grab it I spotted a second one about a foot away! That’s 2! The other one couldn’t be far. After a couple of swings about 4 feet away was the 3rd one!! Melissa was very emotional after I handed her the rings and told me how the 2 wedding bands were constructed from jewlery from living and passed family members! I was so happy to be able to help!