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Lost Ring Recovered from Brush Pile

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

A couple days ago I got an email from a woman who’s husband had lost his ring while tree pruning in their yard. it was a very long drive, but I had the whole day and the weather was great. When I got there they showed me where he had been trimming a tree and throwing the branches over the back bank, into the woods. I learned that he and a friend had searched the year before, moving a lot of debris and using a basic metal detector, with no luck. He had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing it again. But she hadn’t! She saw my ad and decided to give The Ring Finders a try.

Unfortunately there were many challenges involved with this hunt. At first I was discouraged, but decided to do an all day hunt if necessary. The people who had lived there before them had dumped all kinds of scrap metal, cable, wires and metal fencing right in the same area. Also, there was some poison ivy to watch out for. There was so much metal, my first detector I tried was having a tough time, lots of signals going off with no repeatable patterns. So, I got out one of my other machines, fine tuned it, and got to work. I found as much scrap metal as I could and put it off to the side and searched for about an hour and a half. I went back to the tree and detected there and down the path to the dumping site. No luck. They were very confident that it had to be over the bank and in the woods, so I went back there and started moving piles of branches and detecting under them. I got a nice signal, got out my pinpointer and pushed the leaves to the side. There it was! I was so happy for them!

Afterwards we visited for awhile, they showed me their dirt bikes, snowmobiles and a really cool old muscle car! I love motorheads! I used to be one, getting old now 🙂

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