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Lost Wedding ring band San Diego

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
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Theringfinders Metal detecting service helped find and return a Lost Ring at Oceanside Pier.

Saturday,September 11th 2016.  I was at home wrenching on my old 71 Dodge T.R.F Racecar when the phone rings📞 ..from a North county guy who was just playing football with friends and family.Two of his gold rings fell into the dry sand.  “Born by the beach” I dropped my monkey wrench and was there in minutes. Although Knowing This area does get cleaned by beach sifting machines and dozens of local hobbie detectorist’s. It was fortunate after meeting & talking to Dustin about where,when,how,He lost it?

I saw the 15’x15′ area of dry sand with finger Combe marks and classified sand mounds after they found 1 ring but not the other while finger searching..(Calling us right away can be an easy search & rescue).Plus I  knew I could help find it Fast)  in this circumstance.

Turned on my Advanced Pulse induction Machine and the first 10′ grid line near tables & trash cans I hear 8-10 pieces of trashy metal. Wow! Over Cautious only dug 3 garbage.

I usually “dig it all” on Ring calls just to be safe but this area was loaded with nails,Corona bottle caps,wire,you name it! So I flipped the switch in my head to (Gold Ring mode only)..Then skipped on to my second pass 1 min later & 2nd target I heard 🏁🏁🏁

I knew smiling🙂… Said to Dustin it’s here then,scooped it up…walking towards him shaking the sand out of the scoop ~~Magic~~! He got to see it first,before putting this Nice 14k wedding ring back on where it belongs. Hey,Dustin💍Finding your ring is a gift that keeps on giving back to others. Im glad I could help and look forward to more stories to share.

I enjoy these Calls, Not for Fortune or fame but for the Smiles,The hunt,& Good Karma. What a truly priceless find and return😊!

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Lost Ring camp pendleton Marine

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
Contact: 1-760-889-2751




The Ringfinders metal detecting service helped Find A Marines Wedding Band Before Deployment.

Me and John Hughes Battled the crashing waves to Recover and return This Ring especially to show our appreciation for the battles they fight overseas and our Country they defend.We are honored to help!…Here is the story written by the Ring owner,Adam Bradach.

Where there is great love, there are always miracles.- Willa Cather. I love my wife. I love the life we have built together, and I often think about the day that I made her mine forever. Our wedding bands symbolize that commitment we made to one another. My wedding band not only puts the world on notice that I am married to a wonderful woman, but also is a reminder that I have a strong, beautiful lady by my side. A few weeks ago I took my family to the beach in Carlsbad. My wife and I know it is a hassle to bring our young children to the beach, but being that I am deploying very soon we wanted to give them a fun day out.

While there, I decided to take a dip in the water to cool off. As I was walking out of the ocean, I immediately could tell that my finger felt lighter. I looked down and I realized, to my horror, that my wedding band was gone. I was very sad and I knew my wife would be when I told her. When you lose something so small like that in an ocean you don’t expect to ever see it again. My wife was very sad and I could tell she assumed it was gone forever too. We stood on the shore for about ten minutes to see if it had washed up, but deep down we knew it would be impossible to find, so we went home. Over the next few days we talked about how we would save to pay for a new ring while I was deployed. We were both devastated though because the sentimental value of the ring would forever be gone…..

Then my wife found John Hughes on TheRingFinders.com. We had just put the kids to sleep on Wednesday night (four days since the ring was lost) and unbeknownst to me, my wife had come across an ad on a local resale page for John’s website. She thought it was a weird coincidence and after looking at the website she emailed John. I don’t think either of us really expected anything to come from the email, but my wife is a woman of faith.

John called me the next day and asked me all about the ring, where I lost it, and other important details. We met with him and his partner, Curtis, on Thursday evening at Carlsbad Beach. John told us that he had a good feeling about finding the ring and that he and Curtis would be searching all night. We were so impressed that these strangers were so willing to help us even just look for the ring. Then to our complete surprise and elation, John called the next morning to inform me that he had found my ring!! It was such a wonderful and happy day. John and Curtis had managed to take on the ocean and give me back such a special possession of mine. We are so truly thankful for their help. These great men even declined our offer to tip them. There are still great people in this world, and John and Curtis are two of those people. Even an ocean can’t stand in the way of true love. 😉

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