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Earring Found In Woodstock Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

I got a voicemail from a couple visiting Woodstock, Vt. The lady had lost one of her diamond and gold stud earrings in the grass. She was giving her child a ride on her shoulders and somehow the earring got dislodged from her ear. They bought a metal detector, but had no luck with it. Most metal detectors are not designed to pick up such tiny targets. She asked me if my detectors would pick it up, and I told her we could try my detectors on the earring’s mate. So, I went there this morning to search. I love going to Woodstock because I am a carpenter and enjoy looking at all the classic old buildings there.
She gave me the earring to test my detectors on, and 3 of them picked it up, but one did real well. So, she showed me the area to search and I got started. There were lots of “junk” signals in the soil, but luckily this was a recent loss and the target would be on the surface, so I could ignore all the other signals. In about 15 minutes, I got a good surface signal giving the correct numbers for gold. There it was under the grass, pushed lightly into the soil with the stud sticking straight up. She was real happy to have it back!
I also helped her husband learn how to use his detector so they could have a little fun with it.

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