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Gold Family Heirloom Signet Ring Lost & Found on Boscombe Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

I received a call from a Mr Ignatius Harley from Bournemouth, desperate to be reunited with his gold signet ring.
He had dropped it from his shorts whilst taking a swim on Boscombe Beach, Bournemouth. The car ferry from Swanage was typically busy that day so getting to Boscombe took several hours waiting for the ferry queue to die down. So keen to get it back and guard the area from treasure hunters Mr Harley sat patiently waiting my arrival.
He told me the ring was handed down to him through generations, was over 100 years old and was inscribed with his family crest. The ring had also been worn by his descendants in both world wars so understandably he was devastated to have lost it.
Within 5 minutes of searching up came the ring and was back on his finger where it belongs. It seems a travesty such a historical ring could have ended up as scrap gold with all that history if it had fallen into the hands of a treasure hunter.
Mr Harley made a kind donation to the Air Ambulance to which I am most appreciativeharley 2harley.