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Extremely Sentimental Family Ring Found near Rutland Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Got a call from a very distressed and heartbroken woman Thursday night. She explained to me that her elderly mother had passed away about a week earlier, and had asked that her wedding ring, that she had worn daily for a very long marriage, be given to her granddaughter. She had been wearing it while doing gardening and yard work when it came up missing. The ring wasn’t even close to fitting her!! But, I understand why she was wearing it, it was like a part of her mother and she couldn’t let go of it until it was in her daughter’s hands. I felt real bad for her and told her not to worry, we would find it. So, 2 days later I drove to her house, she walked me all around her property to show me the areas where she had been working, and then we began the hunt. She stayed right with me the whole time because she wanted to be able to see it right when it reappeared. After a long while, we got to the last area to be searched, when I got the magic tone! There it was, in perfect condition, just barely hidden in the dirt. Down came the happy tears!!! I felt so glad for her and her daughter, it was like her mother was right there looking down on us!


Commentary from client:
I don’t quite know how to thank Mike. I lost a ring that had belonged to my mother that (passed away) on Mother’s day, (and was supposed to be) passed along to my daughter. There was so much emotion tied up in the this ring with the connection to my lovely mom! I hunted for six hours on my own, digging through the gardens where I had been working, hunting through, bags of grass seed where I had been planting grass, and sifting through dirt I had dug. I rented a metal detector and came up blank. I called Mike and he kindly came as soon as he could. We spent an hour or two retracing steps and I was beginning to give up hope as I thought that I had looked pretty thoroughly….. Then we heard the beeps and Mike pulled this ring out of the dirt – in a place where I had looked three times! I was so happy I cried!!! It feels like a little part of my mom and I am so happy to be able to pass this on to my daughter. Mike is so kind and so helpful…! I am sure that he has many great stories to tell. Wonderful person!!!

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