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Found Glasses In Vermont Woods

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

I got an email a couple weeks ago from a lady who lost her glasses out in the woods. She really needs these glasses because she got a bad eye injury while in a car accident. She had been to at least 2 eye doctors before they got her into a satisfactory pair of glasses. They were quite expensive, too.

She and a friend are creating trails in a beautiful piece of woods that will soon be in a conservation trust for the public to enjoy forever. She was out walking on the trails, lost track of time, and realized she was late to meet some people that were arriving to see the area. So, she decided to take a shortcut run though the woods, which didn’t go so well. She took quite a tumble and her glasses went flying. Later, she looked several hours and couldn’t find them. The frames were a color which blended too well with the forest floor.

So, last weekend she showed me the area and I spent nearly 3 hours searching, with no luck. I told her that we would eventually find them and not to give up. My wife and I went back this morning, we expanded the search area and in less than 30 minutes I found them. They were hiding in s clump of ferns where we never would’ve found them without a metal detector.

We met her at her house and made her day with the news. We visited for awhile and come to find out, her house was built in the early 1800’s and she also has a super old log cabin on her land. She invited us back in the Spring for what should prove to be an awesome relic hunt. Hopefully her kids will be joining us, they will be amazed at what has been hiding under the soil. I can’t wait!!!

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