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Found ring near Kittanning

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

The Mirical Find near Kittanning, Pa …. I received  a call from a distraught boyfriend who lost his girlfriend’s $5,000 engagement ring.  It had been lost a week. They drove me and Paul (a colleague detector I picked up on the way) to a mountain top of woods and a field.   He wasn’t sure where he lost it but was thinking in the woods where he was throwing a stick for his dog to retrieve.  We were looking for a needle in a haystack.  After two hours in the woods we focused on the adjoining field.  After 10 minutes in the field, Paul got the hit…. there it was laying in pain view.  After all the hooting, hollering, dancing and jumping around, the boyfriend said he had called in a detectorist earlier in the week who , after a valent attempt,  gave up on the vast search area.   To keep the their hopes alive, the detectorist refused the offered compensation from the boyfriend and gave him my phone number.  It was a joy to reunite the young couple with their sentimental engagement ring.