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Wedding Ring Found Near Burlington Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

I got an email from a lady who asked me to help find a “very special” ring, her husband’s wedding band was lost. After realizing it was missing he thought back until the last time he knew he had it on his finger. He figured it was probably somewhere in their yard. He had been out washing their motor coach, loading motorcycles onto a trailer, and giving some attention to one of their 4 rescue dogs. The grass was still pretty lush and deep, so it could easily be hiding a ring. She and her husband just got married in September, so this really shook them both up. He went back to the jewelry store and purchased an identical ring, but after wearing it for a day he stilled missed that original ring. Many people have told me that the original ring is the one that is really connected to their heart! I was recommended to her to help look for his ring, so she contacted me. I went right over after getting out of work. She showed me the areas he had been and I began the search. We got all excited when a good tone rang out, but it was one of their dog’s tags. The sun went down and it was getting cold fast. A little while later another tone sounded good, and their it was, deep in the grass and still in pristine condition! I handed it to her and the relief and happiness took over. I was so happy for them, I love helping people!


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