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Wedding & Engagement Ring Set FOUND Wailea Maui

  • from Maui (Hawaii, United States)

White Gold Wedding Ring Set

Very Happy Client

Received a call about a white gold wedding and engagement ring set lost in 3 feet of water @Palauea Beach in Wailea Maui Hawaii. I said I could be there just before sunset. My clients couldn’t meet me so I asked them to send me a screenshot of the beach highlighting where the rings are thought to be lost also a picture of the Rings Lost. I got all the info I needed and headed to the beach. I arrived about 1 hour before sunset and searched until dark. No Luck!! I messaged my client and they agreed to meet me there in the morning. We met around 8am at the beach the next morning. Clients told me story about how she was in 2-3 feet deep playing catch with a football. They also told me they hired another metal detector to find the rings and referred me. Anyway about 1.5 hours into the search both rings RECOVERED!!