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Woman Loses Four Diamond Rings…Found a Week Later With Help from Ring Finder in Frederick, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Megan’s four diamond rings found in her Patagonia fleece jacket after ring finder Brian Rudolph guided the distraught young lady to search other specific places in our house, including her walk-in closet and checking all coat and jacket pockets.

Megan extremely happy and relieved that her four precious diamond rings were back where they had once belonged shortly after member of THE RING FINDERS, Brian Rudolph, shared his advice and wisdom as to where the couple should continue searching for the rings.

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I received a call from a fellow named Josh who was very concerned about the loss of his wife’s four diamond rings: There was an engagement ring consisting of an 18 karat yellow gold band with diamonds inset down both sides of the band and a 1.25 carat diamond with a halo of diamonds encircling the center solitaire stone of the ring. Secondly, a wedding ring consisting of an 18 karat yellow gold band with multiple medium size diamonds encircling half way around. Thirdly, an anniversary ring consisting of an 18 karat yellow gold band with multiple petite size diamonds. And lastly, an accent love ring consisting of an 18 karat yellow gold band with 7 baguette diamonds encircling the ring.

The couple was completely crushed over the loss of these rings because the jewelry meant everything to them. Like all special rings, they represent the love between two people and the irreplaceable moments in time when perfect love is expressed in the giving of these “symbols of love”.

After a week went by without being able to find the four rings anywhere in the couple’s SUV, on their lawn, in the garbage, and in their house, they really started to worry. Josh and Megan were selling their house and they hoped that the real estate agent or the house stager didn’t have anything to do with the disappearance of the jewelry. There was no way of telling and because of that it was a tremendous preoccupation especially for Megan who felt so guilty about losing the rings.

At some point, Josh went online and searched for help. He found THE RING FINDERS website, an international directory of metal detectorists who specialize in finding lost rings and other items of value. The desperate man called me immediately to discuss the disappearance of the four rings and how I might be able to help the couple in recovering the lost items.

I was so happy to talk with the couple that was obviously distressed and desperate to find the diamond rings. During the hour and a half conversation, as always, I asked every question imaginable in order to get a perfect understanding of all of the places that Megan had been and all of her actions leading up to the disappearance of the jewelry. I was conducting an investigation and there wasn’t a single question that I held back. In dealing with situations like this one, a professional ring finder like me tries to climb into that couple’s world and then attempts to hypothesize what might have happened to the missing items.

When I received all of the answers to my inquiries, I gave Megan some suggestions as to where she should search based on the information that she had given me. Two highlighted areas that I strongly recommended Megan to check and double check were her walk-in closet and any jackets and coats that she may have missed looking in or that she forgot that she had been wearing the day that the rings went missing. Even though the young lady was very confident of what she was wearing and what she had already searched, Megan was still willing to do what I suggested just to make certain that she hadn’t missed anything.

Even while we were on the phone all that time talking, my potential client was already looking through the house and checking various places that I had suggested that she should carefully examine. I was extremely proud of her willingness to be guided by my experience and wisdom when it comes to conducting in-house searches. We all agreed that if the couple had no success finding the rings in the next few days (after focusing on the areas that I suggested for them to investigate), I would then come out to their place that Friday and conduct my own in-house search, lawn scan and vehicle check.

Before we got off the phone, I asked if the couple would join me in a prayer, asking the Lord to guide the two of them in their hunt for their very special keepsakes. I generally invite such prayers because I believe that God delights in objects that represent the covenant of marriage and symbols of betrothal. Why is this? Because it was God Himself who designed and instituted marriage and the betrothal step towards marriage. So why shouldn’t I believe that God will show favor to those who are faithful to uphold such covenants and promises and who desire to want to find such important irreplaceable symbols?!

After we finished praying over the phone, I told Megan, “I look forward to you calling me back with many tears of joy the moment that you find your beloved rings! I hope that I don’t even have to come out on Friday so that your nightmare will end much sooner than that!” Both Megan and Josh we’re quite encouraged by my words and our prayer time together. However, they admittedly expressed their continual skepticism based on the fact that the rings had not turned up for nearly a week after diligently searching everywhere. I just told them to remain in faith and to check the places that I recommended them to focus on.

To my delight, no more than 15 minutes after we all got off the phone, I received a call from the elated couple! The kind of excitement and joy that I witnessed hearing on the other end of the line was beyond measure! Megan was crying uncontrollably and Josh could not believe what had transpired! There is no accurate way to describe what had happened other than it being a true miracle of God!

This is what took place fifteen minutes before I had initially gotten off the phone with my clients: Megan went into her walk-in closet as I instructed her earlier to do. I told her to “doubt her doubts” as to where she thought the rings could “not” have ended up and to then check those very places – especially jackets and coats. So, with that advice, Megan went through boxes of winter clothes that she had packed up in the last week which would soon be transported to their new house in Pennsylvania. Those containers would not have been reopened until the following winter a year later. When the young lady inspected the clothing, one of the cold weather belongings happened to be her Patagonia fleece jacket. Immediately, Megan realized that she had worn that particular garment sometime during the previous week. Next, in following my advice to check and recheck all coat and jacket pockets, Megan placed one of her hands inside the left pocket and lo and behold…there they were! All four diamond rings could be felt by all five elated fingers of the desperate young lady! At that moment she was in complete disbelief! Apparently, Megan had forgotten that that particular jacket was quickly thrown on to wear as she went down the stairs while running late for daycare drop off. The ring would have taken a few seconds to put on, so the hurried mother thought to save time by planning to slip the rings on while walking the children out to her vehicle. Of course, that never happened… Megan completely forgot to put her rings back on and they remained in the pocket of the fleece jacket until that night when the couple contacted me. It was all so surreal! The tears began to flow from Megan’s eyes the moment that she realized that she wasn’t dreaming. Then the couple would soon embrace with much happiness and with a tremendous flow of emotional relief!

I couldn’t have been happier for the couple! Megan and Josh could not stop thanking me and telling me how unbelievable the whole experience was for them! They said that they wouldn’t have discovered the rings until a year later when Megan would once again wear her Patagonia jacket during the following winter up in Pennsylvania! The two expressed endless words of gratitude for my assistance and I could only humbly give the glory back to God! All of us rejoiced together on the phone as we gave thanks to the Lord for answering our joint prayer! I was so happy that I could be helpful to the couple in bringing such a dramatic and horrifying week to a conclusion through offering some of my best in-house ring finding advice and wisdom to Megan and Josh! It really was a very special moment for me that I will truly never forget!


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Lost and Found in Washington DC House…Family Heirloom Engagement Ring

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Kat’s Beautiful Family Heirloom Engagement Ring!

Excitement and Relief Written All Over Kat’s Smiling Face as She Displays Her Treasured Keepsake!


As a ring finder, I consider myself not only a metal detectorist, but also a “metal detective”. Many of the people that contact me are ones that need help solving the mystery as to what happened to their ring. They are not sure if the ring ended up in the grass, leaves, sand, water, or even snow. Yet, they sometimes don’t think outside the box by including the possibility that the ring never made it into nature’s elements all along. I searched houses and vehicles all the time and this story is an example of exactly that situation.

Kat was running late to get to her Washington DC gym for her regular workout class. She took her engagement ring off, placed it in a side pocket in her gym bag, threw some other things inside, placed the bag on the back of her bike and hurried to make her appointment.

When Kat arrived back home later that evening, she dropped her things at the door and forgot about retrieving her ring until sometime the following day or so. When she finally returned to the gym bag to recover the ring, Kat was shocked to find out that it was no longer inside. She started to panic and looked everywhere in the house as well as in her vehicle. She retraced her steps and started searching along the streets that she traveled on her way to the gym, looked everywhere at the workout center and still nothing turned up.

Eventually the distraught young lady filed a police report because she didn’t know if somebody may have stolen the ring while she was working out at the gym. The bag was left unlocked along with all the rest of the other gym members’ belongings. Kat called local pawn shops and checked eBay to see if somebody was already trying to sell her ring online. In addition to that, the young lady even printed “LOST” signs, hoping that if somebody did find it on the street, maybe that person would be honest enough to turn the cherished item in and receive a reward for their high ethical practices. Unfortunately, the phone never rang and no text was received about her beloved keepsake.

This ring meant the world to Kat in various ways. The large diamond was a family heirloom that was previously owned by Kat’s mother in law who had sadly passed away shortly before the ring went missing. Her fiancé Peter (now husband) custom designed the band specifically for Kat. There could never be a replacement of something so special and sentimental as this engagement ring. The two of them were devastated when nothing turned up.

Finally, when all of Kat’s other efforts failed to recover the ring, she thought that if it had fallen out of her bag while biking her way to the gym, perhaps it was still somewhere on the street, near the curb or even the sidewalk. Using a metal detector, she thought, might be a helpful tool in finding her lost family heirloom. The moment that she started Googling her particular need online, The Ring Finder’s website popped up. Kat found my profile page and promptly contacted me.

I love trying to solve mysteries for other people because I know how much these items mean to people. They are not simply material objects. These are stories that represent love, family and commitment. I kept Kat on the phone for over an hour and a half, asking her every question imaginable. I wanted to get an accurate picture of what took place and what were all of the possibilities that we were dealing with as to what could have happened to her precious keepsake.

When I am working with people that are not sure what happened to their item, it is so important that I look at all of the possibilities of the situation as if it’s a crime scene. Then, I come to the most likely conclusion based on my years of experience and I start the search at that point. Wisdom comes from the Lord according to the Bible, and so I heavily rely on my faith in God to help guide me along the investigative trail, using wisdom which is full of logic, common sense and reflecting on past successful experiences.

Once I acquired all of the facts on the phone with Kat, we set up a time later that night for me to come out with my metal detector and immediately search along the streets leading to the gym. If we did not find the ring outside, I highly recommended that I search inside their house. I conduct in-house searches all the time and I am highly successful in recovering lost rings inside houses.

In the meantime, before my arrival, I highly recommended that my client continue to search inside her home near the front entrance. From everything that Kat told me, I told her that I thought that the ring most likely ended up falling out of her bag when she dropped it by the front door. It could have ended up rolling across the hardwood floor and was hiding  behind something. I shared with Kat that shoes are generally the number one culprit where rings end up inside near the front door. Not only have I seen this happen before, but other Ring Finders that I’m associated with have shared similar stories with me, as well.

I shared with Kat that it was highly unlikely that her bag leaned over enough to spill the ring out on the street while she was biking to the gym. If that was the case, she probably would have lost something else along the way, as well. This left us with the possibility of theft or that the ring fell out of her bag when she placed it on the floor upon arriving home that particular evening from the gym.

I suggested that Kat take a a high lumen flashlight, turn off all the lights in her living room which was adjacent to the front hall next to the front door and search every crack, crevice and corner! I encouraged her to look inside anything that the ring could have fallen into (including shoes and other bags nearby). She agreed to take on this assignment during the hours before my arrival.

Well, just as I was texting my client to let her know that I was on my way to Washington DC for the evening search, Kat called me in a state of utter ecstasy to share the amazing news the she in fact recovered her missing ring! Though she had searched the first floor of her house several times during the days prior to contacting me, she listened to my advice and sure enough, she found the ring inside another item that was lying on the floor located behind a piece of furniture!

Apparently, the ring had fallen out of her gym bag, rolled along the hardwood floor behind a piece of furniture and then slipped inside another container! Using her phone’s flashlight in the dark, she was able to catch a glimpse of her precious jewel that was peeking out just enough to catch the light from her phone! Absolutely wonderful! My client was so happy and she couldn’t stop thanking me for all the help that I gave her earlier that afternoon! I was simply overjoyed for Kat that this most cherished family heirloom would remain in the family for many generations to come!

I was beyond excited for Kat and Peter! How fantastic was that moment when I heard the incredible news that the engagement ring was safe and sound in their home! And most importantly, that beautiful  diamond and yellow gold band was finally back on Kat’s finger… exactly where it belonged and nowhere else!




One evening I was hustling to the gym in downtown DC, running late for a workout class. I took off my engagement ring and tucked it into my bag, but when I got home it was nowhere to be found. The ring has huge sentimental value – the band was custom designed for me, and the diamond originally belonged to my mother in law, who recently passed away. My spouse and I were heartbroken. I searched the gym – nothing. We were terrified that it had slipped out of my bag on the street… what would be the odds of recovering it then? After filing a police report, calling local pawn shops, checking eBay, and printing “LOST” signs, I thought if there was any chance of finding the ring on the street, a metal detector would be necessary. I stumbled across TheRingFinders.com in a Google search and found Brian’s profile. When I called Brian, I was expecting a polite “please schedule an appointment” response. Instead he spent over an hour on the phone with me, talking me through every step I had taken since the last time I saw the ring. He was extremely considerate, reassuring, and positive, while digging for details to narrow down where the ring might be. He offered to come out that night, but after I got off the phone I decided to take one more look around our apartment. Brian had said that night time is actually a good time to look for a ring because it will reflect a bright light. So even though I had already scoured our place, I turned on my phone’s flashlight and looked again. Lo and behold the ring had fallen out of my gym bag, behind a piece of furniture and slipped down inside another container – but it was peeking out just enough to catch the light from my phone. If not for Brian, it would have been weeks, if not months, before I recovered my ring – time I would have spent grieving my most cherished possession. Brian’s thoughtful and thorough consultation put me at ease that I had an expert on the case, and gave me the clue that led me to find it. He has clearly seen it all and cares a ton about the people he is helping as much as solving the mystery of each misplaced item. If you’re in Maryland/DC/VA and you’ve lost something precious, call Brian! You won’t find a better partner to help locate it. Thank you, Brian!

Washington DC


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