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Cell Phone and Wallet Found in the Street…Happily Returned to Owner in Harvest, Alabama!

On Wednesday afternoon (August 3rd, 2022), my husband, Lindell, and I were on our way to my doctor’s appointment.  Right after we turned out of our subdivision, we spotted a cell phone and wallet lying in the middle of the street.  I was able to safely pick up both items.  The iPhone was in good working condition.  The wallet was intact and contained everything you would imagine…driver’s license, debit card, credit cards, and numerous other important items.  There were a few cars driving by, so thankfully the items weren’t run over or picked up by the wrong person.

I didn’t see any contact or emergency contact info on the lock screen.  We had the gentleman’s, (Robert) address since the wallet contained his driver’s license.  Robert lived in the neighborhood right across the street from us.  We stopped by Robert’s house immediately after my appointment, but nobody was home.  We planned to go back later in the evening.

Right after we got home, we saw a few text messages coming through on Robert’s cell phone from the Verizon store in Madison, Alabama.  We Googled the phone number and were soon on the line with one of the store reps.  We told them that we found the cell phone and asked if the gentleman was there.  Robert was and they put him on the phone.  We introduced ourselves and let Robert know the good news that not only did we find his cell phone, but we also had his wallet.  Robert was so happy and relieved!!!  He was in the process of getting a new cell phone and putting a hold on his bank and credit cards.  Getting his wallet back would also save him the headache of a trip to the DMV for a new license, plus replacing all the other items in his wallet.  We gave Robert our address and he was on his way over.

Lindell and I handed Robert’s cell phone and wallet over to him after he arrived.  He was one happy guy!  Robert told us that he had set them on the back of his truck and went to get the mail.  When he got back to his truck, he had forgotten he put them there and drove off.

While this isn’t one of my typical stories, it was a successful return, nonetheless.  I’m always happy to help and thank God for putting Lindell and I in the right place at the right time!