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iPhone 11 lost in Lake Sammamish WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

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This family from California was up visiting other family members at their Lake Sammamish property when Blake’s phone got kicked into the water below. Blake had a lot of data on his phone that had not been backed up so it was important for them to recover his phone to secure the data. He left his iPhone on the side of the dock while he was on the jet ski and when he returned his aunt accidentally bumped his phone with her foot. At this point the iPhone was overboard and down to the lake bottom it went. This family initially reached out to a local SCUBA group on FaceBook. They found a recreational diver that offered to come over and “give in a try”. That attempt didn’t work oudft so well for them and their phone was still in the bottom of the lake at the foot of their private dock in no more that fifteen feet of water by all reasonable accounts. Once they found my contact we got the ball rolling and the SeattleRingHunter was on the way for another Lake Sammamish cell phone recovery! Watch this exciting story to see the SeattleRingHunter recovery Blake’s lost iPhone in the lake.

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Jeff Morgan